Here is why NASA’s chief of crewed Spaceflights Resigned

The resignation of Doug Loverro, the head of human Spaceflights, before the Crew Dragon launch is unthinkable. Doug has been an associate administrator for NASA operations for approximately seven months. His resignation comes with two veteran astronauts about to make test flights to the ISS.

The Space Policy Online in an email to NASA says that Loverro hints that he took a risk and committed a mistake. However, he is adamant about explaining what transpired before his resignation. The only step he is making is to clear the rumors circulating on the internet.

Loverro justifies that his resignation has nothing to do with the commercial crew program. The program entails a deal with SpaceX and Boeing to launch astronauts to the ISS. Critiques are chattering that Loverro’s resignation must be about a mistake he did in the upcoming launch. Loverro has come out to bash those speculating these rumors. He further says that the leadership shake-up is unlikely to stop the deployment.

Further inquiries are on by, determining if the resignation is because of the audit of the Office of Inspector General (OIG). The review by the OIG is to evaluate the Artemis strategic program. However, the IG says that there should be no concerns since it is the usual way of doing things. Loverro overrides this speculation saying the audit checks specific operations of the agency.

Media outlets are speculating that the mistake Loverro highlights is likely to be the procurement of systems to dock the Artemis astronauts on the moon. They articulate this thought after NASA selects SpaceX, Dynetics, and Blue Origin team. In awarding contracts, one firm retorts that Loverro might have violated the law. There are allegations that he leaked the details of firms under consideration for the moon landing project.

Loverro has not defended himself on these allegations. He hopes that no further details show up to warrant him taking responsibility for his mistake. Media outlets are no longer allowed to enquire about NASA employees. They say it is a breach of their contract with employees. The error of Loverro has a connection with the new spaceships to land astronauts to the moon in 2024.

Finally, Loverro’s only comment is that the risk he took was to ensure the mission happens. He says that his mistake is to find another way for the astronauts to land on the moon in four years. His remarks imply that his resignation will have negligible effects on mission Artemis.