The Crew Dragon Launch is Historic

SpaceX is close to the date fo the launch of its Crew Dragon. This launch is dependent on the outcome of Demo-2. This test is the first to accommodate astronauts. Jim Bridenstine reported that they are ready to airlift this craft despite the ongoing coronavirus malady. He says that the pandemic is not an issue of concern as long as everyone maintains the health stipulations. 

Bridenstine says that America has had numerous challenges, and this launch is one of the exciting moments to reignite their zeal. He adds that this is a chance to take forward strides into the bright future. Also, Bridenstine claims that the two demo flights are indicators of the conditions in the outer expanse. 

The success of the Artemis program by NASA is reliant on its partnership with private firms. These firms can enter into contracts with NASA to ensure they can land astronauts on the moon’s far horizons. Bridenstine explains NASA’s readiness to support both sectors of business if they deliver their part of the contract. These contracts are going to oversee the safe voyage of astronauts to the moon. 

NASA’s contracts are finally yielding results with the demos and the scheduled launch of the Crew Dragon. NASA’s preparations for this inauguration are underway ascertaining the safety as well as adherence to health regulations. Bridenstine’s statement just a few days before the looming launch. 

The Crew Dragon is all set for the mission. The chosen crew, Crew-1, is a two-member team of veteran astronauts Bob and Doug. The take-off is awaiting the safe landing of test flight Demo-2. This flight is a significant determinant since the engineers are testing its engines for their mechanical rigidity. 

Demo-2 is going to orbit space for a minimum of one month with the two astronauts. The flight has slightly low technicalities than the Crew Dragon. Through its spokesperson, NASA, Bridenstine says that the time frame for the Demo-2 capsule depends entirely on its composition. He further adds that they have a time limit beyond which the segment must jet back to earth before destruction by solar radiation. 

Bridenstine reiterates that the mission of the test flight is its safe docking at ISS. Any further exploration is up to the crew. The crew can, therefore, choose to orbit the earth provided they know the specs of the flight. This idea is exciting for the team since they can extensively test the new touchscreen controls of the craft. 

The Crew Dragon launch is to be on the 30th of August. The test flight is proper training the astronauts to take part in the next airlift. Apart from the two veteran astronauts, there are four other astronauts set to occupy the Crew Dragon. The flight will orbit space for over four months. 

The four astronauts will join other astronauts at ISS to continue the research and other technical operations. NASA is planning to send another astronaut via the Russian Soyuz. This move is to maintain a fairground for both NASA and SpaceX. 

Bridenstine says that anyone is free to raise their concerns regarding safety. It implies that if people have health concerns or safety issues, they can voice them, and proper action will follow. He declares that there is the freedom to reject going on this launch. 

Finally, Bridenstine says that any of the crew members who join Demo-2 are free to speak their concerns if they want launch delay. This move is to establish that the astronauts are conscious of the mission. It shows that NASA is ready to adopt changes.