An astronaut from NASA salutes health professional fighting coronavirus

The workers in healthcare are currently battling with COVID-19 diseases, which came out during the national doctors’ days. Drew Morgan who is a NASA astronaut and the medical doctor who is among the people on board on ISS (International Space Station). According to his tweet on 30th march to the courageous doctors, medical technicians, and nurses include persons who are in the front line in the fight against the dangerous coronavirus and the other related diseases caused by COVID-19.  

Morgan tweets on 30th march stated that He is a medical who is looking back to the Earth we live and thinks on the condition of the health of the professionals in the health system, including the volunteers who are risking their lives on the pandemic. He finished by congratulating the medics from the space station.  The communication accompanied a photo of him with a stethoscope floating on cupola station, and the back was the background of Earth.

The people who are in the highest risk of having an infection of COVID-19 are the health workers because they handle the patients—using the example of Spain where 14 percent of the total infected people with the pandemic is the professional in the medical field, according to the New York Times. In New York, the workforce in healthcare is the one affected with covid-19 making the sector hit strongly by the virus outbreak. On the doctors in the New York City major hospital, explain the virus as petri-dish. IN the same hospital, more than 200 were patients of COVID-19 diseases according to the information in a story today written by Times Michael.

According to today’s data, more than one million people have coronavirus cases in the whole globe, and more than 50, 000 have scammed to covid-19 diseases, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University website.

The other two people who are on board the spacecraft with Morgan are his colleagues at NASA, namely Cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka, who currently commands the Expedition 62 and astronaut Jessica Meir. Astronaut Chris Cassidy for NASA and cosmonaut Anatoly Inanishin with Vagner Ivan for NASA will join them soon for the launching of the orbiting lab using Soyuz spacecraft that is owned by Russia on the 9th of April. 

The celebration of the National Doctors Day in the U.S is every year since it came into law 1933 in Georgia, according to the information on the website about doctors day