Iceye to deploy three SAR spaceships on the SpaceX rideshare mission

On SpaceX Falcon 9 small spaceship rideshare mission planned for launch on January 21, Iceye plans to carry triple Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites into the orbit. Iceye aims to extend the constellation with the forthcoming release also to include 6 SAR satellites. “In a report, Iceye US Chief executive Jerry Welsh stated, “We are delighted to commence 2021 with the liftoff of 3 latest satellites. This is the beginning of a major improvement in the development of satellites from our enlarged sites in Europe as well as from a new assembly facility in the United States. This will allow Iceye the ability to serve multinational clients while meeting unique U.S. consumer needs as well.

Iceye has set up offices in the United Kingdom, Poland and the United States since the firm started in Finland in 2014. Iceye started assessing potential sites for a U.S. production facility in 2020. The first tiny SAR satellite was deployed in early 2018 by Iceye. The organization has extended its Earth-observation network over the last 3 years as well as launched a dedicated client spacecraft. For an unspecified mission, the forthcoming SpaceX launch involves a second dedicated mission.

In a statement, Iceye United States President Eric Jensen stated, “The extension of the ICEYE constellation enhances our remarkable capacity to provide consumers with a secure service for use scenarios such as regular location monitoring, object tracking as well as fast environmental response. ICEYE revealed a Series C investment round of $87 million last year, taking its overall funding to around $152 million. Iceye said that it “has grand ambitions for the year 2021” in a January 12 press release as well as the forthcoming “launch is just the start of a multi-satellite deployment framework for the coming year.” Before announcing plans to deploy satellites, Iceye appears to delay until flights are inevitable. Iceye is developing another eight spacecraft. 

ICEYE has already launched a record number of more than five SAR satellites, and more will be deployed in 2021. Its SAR spacecrafts were the first small SAR imaging spacecrafts ever, and the spacecraft was planned and developed in-house. Iceye has SAR imaging that is revolutionary because it utilizes comparatively small real physical antennas to build a much wider synthetic aperture compared to the physical aperture of radar antenna itself, paired with rapid motion around a focused imaging area, that in turn ensures that it is capable of creating extremely high-resolution, three & two-dimensional images of areas as well as objects.