Cela Conde Father To Become Repellent Of Noble Prize

His son Camilo José Cela Conde is also aware that his father became a repellent being since the Nobel Prize was awarded And although he lacks data on the sales of the new editions he believes that the trend has been reversed and that his father step by step is coming out of oblivion A few years ago a magnificent edition of the RAE of La colmena was published that went completely unnoticed Now more are being discussed.

It is early to say for sure and you have to be cautious but I think there is a slight change in trend he assures For Celas son time plays in favor of the writer and against the character Now the only thing that counts is literary quality The other will be forgotten If I had to recommend a single book by my father I would simply say open any book randomly read any paragraph and read on So he is going to appreciate his quality

Painstakingly rescued Pages of Wandering Geography published in 1965 never reissued until now and which brings together stories and scenes of travels made by the writer through various areas of Spain The circulation is minuscule 1000 copies And lets see how they sell says Blázquez for whom Cela is a writer unjustly cornered and of whom he intends to put into circulation several littleknown or nothing more works by the Galician writer

Ignacio Echeverría literary critic and editor has been in charge of prologuing selecting and grouping the 19 Cela books that Debolsillo has published in affordable and modern editions Echeverría considers that the reason for publishing Cela now responds to that he is an indisputable classic of the language a masterful prose writer and one of the great novelists of the 20th century in any language And his validity.

Classics even though he still has to go through the purgatory to which his rather angry personality and so many not always fortunate attitudes and manifestations condemned him And he adds Cela remained at the forefront of Spanish narrative for more than half a century and beyond his fame as a public figure many of his books remain to be discovered and appreciated also by those who in their confusion they think they have read Cela because they read in their day usually at school La familia de Pascual Duarte and Viaje a la Alcarria

Anna Caballé writer literary critic and university professor when thinking about Cela asks herself this question What do we do with his work And he answers There are books like Izas rabizas and colipoterras which are the result of a machismo that is inconceivable right now and the intellectual disrepute of his last years doesnt help either but there is a fundamental Cela with novels like La familia de Pascual Duarte La hive or Mrs Caldwell talks with her son which contain a very original and also very experimental.

World of their own And she adds If you want to teach someone to write Spanish well all you have to do is read Viaje a la Alcarria their score is perfect He was a great writer who would end up losing himself perhaps due to sheer professional exhaustion To me honestly after Mazurca for two deaths he stopped interesting me I could almost see his tiredness when it came to building a story And it is not easy for young writers to read him in a key that is stimulating to them Cela speaks of a very different and very sordid Spain And she concludes We are obliged to rescue the great Cela from his good books Without him we cannot explain our 20th century literature Over time we will forget their unfortunate mistakes

Meanwhile oblivious to these controversies high school teachers continue to teach Cela as has been done in the last 50 years At the Leonardo da Vinci Institute in Puertollano Ciudad Real Paloma León includes as reading for fourth year of ESO The family of Pascual Duarte They like They dont get into discussing the structure or the literary quality they just like it Ana López GarcíaMohedano another teacher from Ciudad Real adds A fourthyear student recently told me Tell the secondyears that story about Pascual theres fabric there

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