A new twist of how to get an ISS Experience without rockets and spacecraft

The latest crew members to land in the International Space station (ISS) have a different story about their arrival. For their predecessors, it is a journey involving rockets and spacecraft. However, for the last group, the process was as simple as wearing a headset. Interestingly, everyone stands a chance of having the same experience.

How is that even possible? Those who experienced that has the collaboration of Felix & Paul Studios, in association with TIME Studios to thank. The coverage dubbed Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is one in a million. In addition to being the largest production filmed in space, it is a 360-degree virtual reality video. In addition to showing you how the interior of ISS looks like, it also makes you part of the crew. Equally important, it uses 3D.

In her experience, Jessica Meir, who is a NASA astronaut, couldn’t get enough of that experience. It is a feeling that she misses several months down the line and wouldn’t mind such an occasion. Back to the footage, Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is a project that took two years to complete. It has four sections revolving around the experience of living and working in ISS.

One of the founders of Felix & Paul Studios, who is also the creative director Felix Lajeunesse says the medium is the platform they offer people an opportunity to go to impossible places. It works like a game to some extent. So, all the viewer has to do is to press buttons and start experiencing the intriguing experiences. It is quite cinematic so that the viewer can feel like they are present in real life.

He adds that they have a long way to go, and each day means learning something new regarding technology. For the team, it has been eight years already, and the journey continues. Despite being a young art, the team keeps trying harder. It has been rewarding because they can now deliver space experience.

One of the four episodes has the title Adapt. Astronauts who make appearances include Nick Hague, Christina Koch, Anne McClain from NASA, and David Saint-Jacques from the Canadian Space Agency. It focuses on an introduction to the space station as well a the adaptation of the four astronauts. According to David, they didn’t have a script to work with. They also did the set up since they were on board, whereas Felix and his team were on earth. On a few occasions, Felix would suggest scenes. Fortunately, when he couldn’t, he would respect what the astronauts were offering as well. For people without virtual reality glasses, you don’t have to miss it out. It will be possible to watch it in Texas if you ever visit the Space Center Houston.