General motors sustainability report and a new line of electric vehicles

The 2019 sustainability report has hinted on the next fleet of electric SUVs under the General Motors brand. Some few hints have given some expected details of the awaited new vehicles. The report also gave an insight into the hiring technique’s future plans and the intended work still in progress.

The report hinted that the SUVs would be a full-size luxury SUV with three rows reflecting on iconic escalade. It would match the current XT6 SUV.



The production of this vehicle will start In will be a luxury three-row SUV meeting global standards with emphasis on interior space and cargo capability resembling current Cadillac XT4. Production will be at 1.2 vehicles per day.

  1. GMC

The vehicle will be a truck modelled as Hummer EV pickup. It will offer 1000 horsepower, 0 to 60 mph acceleration, and 11,500 pound-feet of torque—an off-road capable SUV.


This model will favor US residents considering they enjoy electric options in Chevrolets. The battery will have the ability to pick up electrically. It will offer 400 miles and range singly charged by the Chevrolet Bolt, which features a usual SUV design. It has the best cruise assistance.

  1. BUICK

The newest faces of the Buick brand will be embraced by two new-all electric vehicles- BUICK SUVs. It will maximize interior space and cargo. It will emphasize on its form and athletic nature. It will be a partnership production with Honda for the first time.

With much said on the electric SUVs, general motors had a few manufacturing targets to meet and assurance of more work.

GMs manufacturing targets

  • A plant named ‘Factory zero,’ which will oversee the assembling of all-electric vehicles, is to be set up. Gm is to invest $ 2.2 billion from its Detroit-Hamtramck plant to the new plant. Intentions are to produce cars with zero emissions offering 2,200 job vacancies. Gm intentions to ensure environmental sustainability was shown by the firm plans even to produce future vehicles running by renewable energy. It aims at providing zero waste in the US by 2030 and 2040 globally.
  • GM’s assurance of more  work

Gms workplace considers the human resource department. By 2019 31% of the US workforce had all races represented with women holding positions of up to 32.2 % in top management positions. It is inspired to being the most inclusive company globally. It also insisted on working to make it even better.