Coronavirus Effects Continue Stacking Up

China’s growth in space exploration has leaped bounds recently. While the Asia based country has its sights set for deep space travel, primary concern lingers in the minds of state nationalists in America. The security that American space companies have against a takeover by Chinese space exploration expansion programs. The matter recently came up during an interview with Lt. Gen David Deptula. 

The Department of Defense is not vocal about the necessary actions it will take in such a scenario. Yet the news is a significant cause of concern for the country at large. SpaceWeb, one of the largest space explorations company’s recently filed for bankruptcy. The company was leading in the space race, being the most significant competitor for Elon Musk’s SpaceX. However, SpaeWeb assets are currently under receivership. SpaeWeb is the first company in the space exploration industry to file for bankruptcy under the weight of the Covid-19 pandemic woes.

Gen Deptula, however, had good news for the space agencies. He reports that the departments of defense, in conjunction with the white house and congress will work together to solve the matter. These bodies will come together in such an event to safeguard national security. SpaeWeb activities were useful to the American defense departments, and together with the military, it would set up military-grade communication centers in the Arctic region. He further ascertains that the company SpaeWeb already launched 74 high space orbital satellites into the atmosphere around the northern region 

In this regard, maintaining SpaceWeb’s ownership remains a matter of top national security. The Pentagon also joined concerned parties in the subject to protect such companies against purchase by foreign powers. The Department of Defense holds it a likely possibility that China will make a move to acquire the companies, should they file for bankruptcy. According to the Pentagon, the move to maintain operations of space exploration and communication companies remains a closely monitored activity. 

This move places all companies dealing in communicative technologies and space exploration under constant watch. In this regard, will the Space Acquisition Council form. The council comes as a watchdog over all acquisition transactions between space agencies. The committee will work hand in hand with intelligence agencies like the CIA. While intricate details are not currently available, known information is that the agency is a Congressional body fully operational under the Department of Defense’s jurisdiction.

While the virus spreads, it brings unprecedented effects to the economy. However, such results shed light on some issues not previously taken into account. These include the security threats that the acquisition of communication-based companies brings. Hopefully the government