Electric Cars Are Way better than Conventional or Petrol Cars

Critics and minions are arguing that the carbon emissions resulting from the whole process of manufacturing an electric vehicle and its source of power, that is, electricity, are higher than that of a petrol or gasoline car. They say that it is imperatively advantageous to manufacture a petrol car than it would be for an electric vehicle.

The fossil fuel companies are backing up these allegations. It is unfathomable to get to such a point that you believe this lie. Think of it this way, just because electricity generating companies are consuming our products (fossil fuels) to generate electricity, then it is environmentally unfriendly.

To clarify the lies put forward by these folks, scientific inquiries are being made to show that it is safer and cleaner to manufacture and use electric vehicles than it is for fossil fuel cars. A report in the journal Nature Sustainability clarifies the rumors that had been spread about electric vehicles. 

The shift from conventional cars and household heating features to electric vehicles and household appliances suggests reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The only challenge is that the electricity needed for migration is generated from fossil fuels. Therefore alternative sources for electricity production that are renewable and environmentally friendly are being sought.

Study in 53 world regions shows that carbon emissions are going down when electric cars and heat pumps are in use compared to their counterparts like petrol cars. It is also right to note that even if the power sector decarbonization does not go through, there will be a subsequent drop in the greenhouse gases emitted should these regions adopt the former technologies fully.

Dr. Florian Knobloch, who is the lead author from the University of Nijmegen, says that the thought that electric vehicles will raise carbon emissions is a myth. He says that they are researching the replacement of current fossil fuel-intensive equipment with electronic alternatives, and it continues to go without a doubt that they are better in all ways in conserving the environment.

The study by Dr. Florian,  indicates that 70 percent of the emissions by conventional cars will be reduced should electric cars and household heat pumps are put into use in countries like Sweden and France who their primary sources of power are renewables and nuclear. For countries that use fossil fuels to generate electricity, the emissions will reduce by 30 percent.

In conclusion, the only valid reason that electric cars create more emissions in areas where there is a single source of electricity, and that is fossil fuel power plants. 


Volkswagen Online Brief Show tails Plans

Multi-billion-dollar automotive maker Volkswagen seems to be on a good roll. This statement comes after a recent post on the automotive company website declaring its presence in the market. While much of it is geared toward establishing the brand as a formidable opponent to its counterparts, there are things to be considered. 

Among the posts was a response to a concern about whether the company will be able to support the necessary software update needed for their ID3. 

Volkswagens supply in the year 2020 surpassed the previous year, and the company realized a higher level of gross revenue addition. However, the revenue increase was not universal in all markets. Volkswagen sales slumped in North America and the Asia Pacific, while its most significant growth came from Europe and South America. However, despite the slightly downward misstep, Volkswagen came to register an increase in market share 

To decrease its carbon footprint on the environment, the company initiated its sustainability council. The council visited the Zwickau factory recently to take a look at the production process of the ID. 3. The factory features one assembly line that the company plans to expand and accommodate electric vehicle manufacture 

Among one of the mandates presented by the council include ensuring that the power used in the making of the electric cars is entirely renewable. It hopes to project a total production of 75 fully electric vehicles and 65 hybrid vehicles 

According to the council spokesperson Zwickau, the council’s actions have been so far effective. Looking back at the last ten years, the company has more than reduced it’s carbon emissions. The current carbon emission levels stand at half the total at the start of the decade 

Despite the quite impressive reduction in emissions, the company opts to take it lower by integrating composite manufacturing systems that aim to reduce emissions from transporting parts from external sites 

Volkswagen, as a company, also plans to incorporate many climate saving techniques in its compound. These methods include a project to plant trees around the factory in Zwickau. In the spirit of sustainability, the company hopes to engrave the tree planting culture in the minds of its employees. Environmental conservation is at the topmost of Volkswagen culture 

The company is bent on displaying it will not be left behind on. The move to a sustainable future. It is with this hope that more companies will emulate Volkswagen’s dedication to conserving the environment. 


Nidec seems to have placed their bets for increasing sales on electric cars and acquisitions

Nidec appears to have set its eyes on tripling its revenue by focusing on electric vehicles and motor technologies over the next five years. Its plans are to be known to the public by Tuesday as the maker of precision motors and suppliers of parts used by apple prepares to expand. After having a reduction in demand for parts, the Kyoto based firm is changing its course to electric vehicle manufacturing. Their main target is getting a considerable market share in the production and sale of electric cars.

A source from Nidec is said to have said that the production of the EV  motor system will be a crucial strategy for their growth. Their primary focus will be the production f the integrated EV powertrain system. Such a system brings together power electronics, motors, and transmissions. Apart from the production of the e-axles, they are set to increase their profitability through mergers and acquisitions. Nidec has targeted on merging and acquiring other producers or manufacturers of these components in the market. Such a decision will have extended their sales and revenues considerably.

The company targets having an increase in its revenues to considerable levels of 5 trillion yen when it gets to 2025. The founder and CEO Shigenobu Nagamori had in the past quoted to get their revenue levels at 10 trillion yen each year. It is clear that this introduction will be focused on achieving the same goal. The company has already been in the business supplying French and china with their e-axles. 

Nidec is after increasing the quality of its products while also cutting on the costs involved in their making to affordable or cheaper values. Through the use of mergers and acquisitions, the company plans on reaching substantial levels to meet the enormous revenue targets they have set. Its eyes on acquiring and merging with startups and major tech labs as they pursue their goal. Sources also indicate that the company will be spending close to 500 billion yens as they focus on growth strategies.

This company is after taking control of a substantial part of the market. Nidec understands the need to focus on technology and changes in EV as they understand that it will have to change over time. Its eyes are on improving the quality that they offer to increase the sales they make and thus build on their customer base. Having bitten competition, they will have reached their revenue goals.  

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