Developments in Space Industry set to continue Despite Corona Outbreak

The development of science is a hard aspect to curtail. This move is prevalent, especially with the element of space exploration and the promise it holds for humanity. This development is the reason for the discovery of an OHV. On a consultant, the smooth-moving aspect of producing a spacecraft would at most partially help shield the OHB Systems from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Marco Fuchs, The OHB CEO and top executive has confirmed that so far this year. However, the estimate comes from two fortnights earlier, before the emergence of the COVID-19 virus became a global epidemic. This forecast of the highly profitable revenue source raked close to 1.1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) in anticipated returns. 

Following the set example several occurrences in a year, the corporation anticipates that significant income losses are too big, said Fuchs. In a further statement, he added that the German company Bremen is designing spacecraft primarily for state clients, including the Eu SPA and the European Commission.

The OHB develops the Galileo guidance based satellites situated in Europe and looks to invest in other Copernicus satellites. 

Fuchs explained that the imminent possibility of the coronavirus to occur for the OHB is the initiation and deployment of spacecraft. While part of more extensive efforts to curtail the epidemic, for example, when the ESAIL probe that OHB’s Luxembourg affiliate LuxSpace designed is back now only because French authorities have halted the operation of the start-up in Europe’s French Guiana spaceport. The Arianespace Vega missile is still pending a test. 

However, the rest of the almost 3,000 workers of OHB will operate on technological activities at a distance. OHB could begin developing increased development lags if the pandemic of coronavirus continues into summer 

Consumers in administration are accepting such disruptions further. They can also give subsidies to businesses that harm financially because developing nations encourage social detachment and other measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Fuchs stated that should the projects be pushed forward for so long they will not meet the set targets, OHB might experience monetary fines. While the glitches will provide the company some amnesty,  the contribution they will give will drop below its reach, such as experiments in ESA laboratories, which are compromised by safeguards of coronavirus.         

OHB announced € 1.03 billion in 2019, € 30 million in 2019, and excluding debt, taxes, and amortization profits of € 78.3 million up from EUR 65 million in 2018. OHB registered a € 1.03 billion rise in 2013. 

Fuchs said that OHB anticipates a new market of approximately EUR 2 billion in 2020


Tokyo and Mecca appear deserted places on satellite images

Covid-19 has changed the standard lifestyle of many people in the world.  Currently, in the world, there are more than 300.000 confirmed cases of coronavirus globally, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. In the United States of America, there are at least 18,000 cases in 35 states and Washington, D.C.

In the USA, the Centers for Disease Control is encouraging that people implement “social-distancing” of more than one meter. These measures help stop the spread of the coronavirus, such as working from home and closing schools. Around the world, events are facing challenges such as cancelation or moved to later dates, and people are self quarantined. 

To illustrate the impact of coronavirus on some famous public spaces around the world, satellite imagery company Maxar took photos of deserted destinations like theme parks and brilliant tourist attractions. 

By Tuesday, March, japan had 530 confirmed coronavirus cases in the whole country. The CDC has given a level 2 travel health notice for Japan.  

In the year 2018, more than 18 million people visited Tokyo Disneyland.  

 According to BBC news, the holiest site in Islam at The Great Mosque of Mecca, which has more than 8 million people visitors in the year is empty, or the Haram mosque in Mecca. The strict regulation has made everyone to run for his life. 

On the 5th of March this year, the mosque was not functioning, and sterilization started, later it was open on 7th for ordinary prayers. Currently, Saudi Arabia Kingdom has experienced more than 150 coronavirus infections throughout the kingdom. In Italy, the country was entirely on the lockdown from Monday to put measures that will reduce the increase in infectious coronavirus. Italy stands as the second most infected country in the world, with more than 50,000 citizens having corona infection, and more than 3,000 people have scammed to death. The largest cathedral in the city of Millan, with a population of more than 1.4 million people, is not offering church mars like typical days.  

Since the beginning of this year, most of the tourist sites in China remain closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These tourists’ sites include Disneyland, the Great Wall of China, and the Forbidden City. China currently holds more than 80,000 victims and remains the most affected country by the corona pandemic. This coronavirus began in china in Hubei province later last year  

The pictures from NASA show there is a massive reduction in air pollution in the china atmosphere during this period of coronavirus pandemic. On a keen look at the world activities, people are avoiding congested places, and many governments have put strict measures that will ensure its citizens stay at home until when the virus will reduce or the vaccine and cure medicines are available.  


Nidec seems to have placed their bets for increasing sales on electric cars and acquisitions

Nidec appears to have set its eyes on tripling its revenue by focusing on electric vehicles and motor technologies over the next five years. Its plans are to be known to the public by Tuesday as the maker of precision motors and suppliers of parts used by apple prepares to expand. After having a reduction in demand for parts, the Kyoto based firm is changing its course to electric vehicle manufacturing. Their main target is getting a considerable market share in the production and sale of electric cars.

A source from Nidec is said to have said that the production of the EV  motor system will be a crucial strategy for their growth. Their primary focus will be the production f the integrated EV powertrain system. Such a system brings together power electronics, motors, and transmissions. Apart from the production of the e-axles, they are set to increase their profitability through mergers and acquisitions. Nidec has targeted on merging and acquiring other producers or manufacturers of these components in the market. Such a decision will have extended their sales and revenues considerably.

The company targets having an increase in its revenues to considerable levels of 5 trillion yen when it gets to 2025. The founder and CEO Shigenobu Nagamori had in the past quoted to get their revenue levels at 10 trillion yen each year. It is clear that this introduction will be focused on achieving the same goal. The company has already been in the business supplying French and china with their e-axles. 

Nidec is after increasing the quality of its products while also cutting on the costs involved in their making to affordable or cheaper values. Through the use of mergers and acquisitions, the company plans on reaching substantial levels to meet the enormous revenue targets they have set. Its eyes on acquiring and merging with startups and major tech labs as they pursue their goal. Sources also indicate that the company will be spending close to 500 billion yens as they focus on growth strategies.

This company is after taking control of a substantial part of the market. Nidec understands the need to focus on technology and changes in EV as they understand that it will have to change over time. Its eyes are on improving the quality that they offer to increase the sales they make and thus build on their customer base. Having bitten competition, they will have reached their revenue goals.  

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NASA looks for bids to transport VIPER moon lander

WASHINGTON- NASA is requesting syndicates in its commercial moon landing services mission to bid on transporting a NASA rover whose send-off has to some extent been postponed.

NASA reported on February 25 that it was requesting the 14 firms that are under the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) series to bid on a duty order for conveying the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) of the agency operation to the moon poles.

VIPER officially reported by NASA in the last October would inspect areas at both the north and the South Pole of the lunar surface believed to have water ice deposits. Such deposits, when established, could become severe resources for future human operations.

Following the announcement of VIPER by NASA, the operation was set for a send-off by December 2022. In the report about the CLPS task order, although, NASA stated that the traveler would go to the lunar surface by the year 2023.

Thomas Zurbuchen, who is a NASA connect administrator for science, established the set slip in his official Twitter account on February 25, reporting the assignment order. He wrote on his Twitter account that moving VIPER delivery to 2023 permits for upgrades to allow the rover to conduct lengthy and more thrilling science on the lunar surface. 

Grey Hautaluoma, who is the NASA spokesperson, confirmed to the SpaceNews on February 25 that the replacement comprises lessons learned from surveys of tools and other systems of the rover and also to allow the rover to survive through the moon night for lengthy operation duration for considerably improved operation value.

VIPER, in some compliments a successor to the previous NASA moon rover notion named Resource Prospector, is still in its initial stages of expansion. The operation is set for a beginning plan review in April. This is according to the fiscal year 2021 of NASA financial plan proposal that demanded $67.5 million for VIPER. The total cost of the mission is projected to be approximately $250 million.

The agency has been getting ready to offer an assignment order late in the last year for VIPER, however, delayed it. The agency stated in the early days of January that it resolute to postpone the assignment order based on workshop discussion feedback the agency had with the providers of CLPS, quoting “the VIPER delivery complexity.” The big VIPER size, portrayed by NASA as the same to a golf cart, shows that only a little fraction of the CLPS firms would have landers big enough to contain it.

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Vice President Mike Pence told NASA agency to use all the conceivable goals to achieve the Moon-Mars goals

Taking American space explorers back to the moon in the coming four years and then taking pioneers to the Red Planet in ten years to come remains a pride acquired by the management of President Donald Trump. President announced that his administration would achieve their goals, despite what happens their way. This was a statement made by Vice President Spence during a meeting at Langley Research Center in Virginia.

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NASA captures rebirth of the Zombie Tropical Cyclone Francisco

The low-pressure location that once had Tropical Cyclone Francisco has been enduring in the southern parts of the Indian Ocean since 6 February following its weakening below the tropical cyclone status. Since 6 February, remnants of Francisco relocated into a location of warm waters and low wind shear permitting the low-pressure location to re-arrange, consolidate and re-build. Aqua satellite of NASA offered forecasters with an observable picture of the re-emerging storm.

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European Space Agency plans for Moon colony

Could it be possible that the next important step on the way for establishing constant presence men in space will be made by European Space Agency on Moon?