NASA recruits NOAA’s Official to serve as their Earth Science Director

After more than one year, NASA has selected an official who’s currently working with National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration satellite office to lead its Earth science program. On 5th May, NASA associate administrator Thomas Zurbuchen announced that the agency had hired Karen St. Germain as their new director of Earth science division, which she will formally begin working on 8th June.

Karen is currently working at the NESDIS department at NOAA as their deputy assistant administrator for systems. This department’s primary role is to operate NOAA’S fleet of weather satellites. St.Germain’s current position is to oversee the development of NOAA’s existing and planned satellites. She also had a role in leading a study on the next-generation architecture of weather satellites, whereby they explored the research using a large number of small satellites where some of these satellites were used in nontraditional orbits.

In a statement, Zurbuchen said that NASA would learn more about our planet from St.Germain’s enthusiasm and experience that she has attained throughout her career. Through a brief video message posted on 6th May, Karen confirmed Zurbuchen’s statement. She explained further that she had learned a lot throughout her career, and she knows what it takes to deliver a capability as well as what it means to meet a broader set of objectives.

The principal objective of the Earth Science Program is to maintain the balance between large and small missions. NASA has currently pushed back some of the middle-class missions such as Earth System Explorer due to limited budgets, as stated by the acting director of the Earth Science Division Sandra Cauffman. In the last meeting held by the company, Cauffman was hoping that the company could release the first solicitation of the program by the end of the year because if they do not do it in 2020, they will not be able to achieve it until after 2022.

The process of filling the Science Division Director took longer than expected because, at the time after the previous director left, the company felt that they had not found someone who had the full set of qualifications that they needed to lead the portfolio. Since 2019, Cauffman, who is currently the deputy director of the division, had remained as the acting director until NASA reopened the selection process early this year and eventually settling with Karen St.Germain.

In his statement, Zurbuchen thanked Cauffman for taking a challenging role as the acting director and successfully keeping the Earth Science work on track.


Some more significant measures delay the launch of SmallSat

According to a research carried out by Bryce Space and Technology, it was found out that each SmallSat that lifted off commercially since 2015 experienced some for slow. It is a clear indication that more exceptional measures in the rendering fit the total weight of the crew to facilitate the switching of cars.  

The research, as well points out 1,078 SmallSat that weighed below 600 kilograms, experienced some delays that extended from days to years after five years of launch.

An average launch adjourned for SmallSat went for 128 days. Over 150 SmallSat experienced delays of less than 14 days, although some SmallSat of the same figure experienced delays that lasted for one and a half years.

Spaceflight officially sends Bryce to examine the causes of SmallSat launch delays. Findings from the research stated that 40% of launch adjourns were as a result of cargos because some of the payloads present on the SmallSat launched as secondary cargos. Problems related to liftoff cars recorded 34% of delays. However, the majority were as a result of liftoff vehicle development, delays from manufacturers as well as malfunctioning of the launch vehicles. The remaining percentage of the problems was as a result of adjustments emanating from the programmatic sector as well as the International Space Station.

Launch delays can pose severe dangers to customers of Spaceflight as well as those who require carrying out business in space. As much as the majority of the delays are as a result of actual payload or anomalies in launch vehicles, there is importance in having a different point of approach in accommodations of SmallSat. Manifesting one launch vehicle to the other can take months before the actual liftoff. By standardization, there is a notable change in time, for instance, one week.

A related standardization is already taking place in CubeSats because the majority use deplorers, which can be shifted swiftly from one liftoff vehicle to the other. What Spaceflight needs to do is extending standardization to bigger SmallSat. The critical thing here is standardizing mechanical interconnection, standardizing the processing of a spaceship, and searching for mechanical interconnection.

Another added reason to launch delays is the outbreak of Coronavirus because the majority of liftoff providers such as the Indian Space Research Organization, Arianespace, and Rocket Lab are experiencing difficulties due to lockdowns preventing some of the activities from taking place.

There is no clear indication stating when the launches will start again. However, the government of New Zealand lowered some restrictions posed due to Coronavirus and permitted the opening of businesses. There will increase in launching activities once the workforce goes back to its launching activities.


Coronavirus Effects Continue Stacking Up

China’s growth in space exploration has leaped bounds recently. While the Asia based country has its sights set for deep space travel, primary concern lingers in the minds of state nationalists in America. The security that American space companies have against a takeover by Chinese space exploration expansion programs. The matter recently came up during an interview with Lt. Gen David Deptula. 

The Department of Defense is not vocal about the necessary actions it will take in such a scenario. Yet the news is a significant cause of concern for the country at large. SpaceWeb, one of the largest space explorations company’s recently filed for bankruptcy. The company was leading in the space race, being the most significant competitor for Elon Musk’s SpaceX. However, SpaeWeb assets are currently under receivership. SpaeWeb is the first company in the space exploration industry to file for bankruptcy under the weight of the Covid-19 pandemic woes.

Gen Deptula, however, had good news for the space agencies. He reports that the departments of defense, in conjunction with the white house and congress will work together to solve the matter. These bodies will come together in such an event to safeguard national security. SpaeWeb activities were useful to the American defense departments, and together with the military, it would set up military-grade communication centers in the Arctic region. He further ascertains that the company SpaeWeb already launched 74 high space orbital satellites into the atmosphere around the northern region 

In this regard, maintaining SpaceWeb’s ownership remains a matter of top national security. The Pentagon also joined concerned parties in the subject to protect such companies against purchase by foreign powers. The Department of Defense holds it a likely possibility that China will make a move to acquire the companies, should they file for bankruptcy. According to the Pentagon, the move to maintain operations of space exploration and communication companies remains a closely monitored activity. 

This move places all companies dealing in communicative technologies and space exploration under constant watch. In this regard, will the Space Acquisition Council form. The council comes as a watchdog over all acquisition transactions between space agencies. The committee will work hand in hand with intelligence agencies like the CIA. While intricate details are not currently available, known information is that the agency is a Congressional body fully operational under the Department of Defense’s jurisdiction.

While the virus spreads, it brings unprecedented effects to the economy. However, such results shed light on some issues not previously taken into account. These include the security threats that the acquisition of communication-based companies brings. Hopefully the government 


Here is why Electric vehicles will be dominant globally

This year we are experiencing the most exciting time in the electric vehicle market. Most of the manufacturers of the electric vehicle try to prove the second phase of the growth in this sector. IN the industry of the manufacturing of luxury, cars Tesla’s Cybertruck has galvanized in the market in the United States, which has purchased more than two million vehicles every year.  

In the beginning, the prototype of a prototype has changed to be a revolutionary design that has a unique appearance with a low cost of manufacturing the vehicle than expected. Cybertruck has more than half a million in the account and has prioritized over the production in the roadster. 

The idea behind prioritizing the roadster attracts a relatively small market, and from the audience on the point of view has not contributed to the department that the brand has a lot of significant attraction. On the other hand, Cybertruck can allow it to dominate if it becomes successful and be an important and part of the market icon. The primary function of the market icon is to achieve popularity in the whole of the United States.  

In the market sector, Volkswagen announced the plan to unveil a group of vehicles with a value that will be lower than 22,000 dollars. The price is to attract people that live in the city, and the design is for the US market, which initially launching had to occur under the seat brand. Affordable movement is one of the essential divisions that could move more units.  

Electric mobility of vehicle designers has many creative freedoms with a few constraints compared to traditional vehicles. The conventional vehicle had most of the things invented that led to the revolutionary car that appeared different from the current vehicles.

The analyst of the vehicle industry says that the development of the electric vehicle is an intermediate stage of vehicle development. The change in the model of service based on self-driving cars and the robotaxis, which were the recent acquisition of Moovit that points to Intel on the top purchase of Volvo and Mobileye, said that they would begin selling off the LIDAR-equipped self-directed vehicle from the year 2022. 

More of the people will love to use these services to have an underused asset. The current state of the coronavirus has made it clear that the capacity of the self-driven vehicle might replace the electric cars in the coming days and might be the solution to most of the challenges in the road.


Repsol Launch a Solar Farm

Repsol, a company in the Iberian Peninsula, is launching its solar farm project in Spain. The project estimates to generate 126MW of power. The project is a three-plant plan, which is to create 36MW and 45MW each for the other two plants. The plant is to advance to a large scale early 2021.

Another project is going to start construction to generate 264MW. The installation begins in the next few days in Badajoz. Repsol is the current most active renewable energy company with several projects about to be launched. The firm’s first success is that of wind energy at Zaragoza and Teruel. The firm is in line with the country’s plans to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. The success of its projects is going to improve the climate of the country. The fossil fuels that are becoming fewer in the country due to replacement with clean energy. 

The wind farm they are launching is going to generate over 330MW of power with 90 turbines. The commercialization of such a firm revolutionizes the country to venture into other projects like EVs. The automobile industry is going to shift to environmentally friendly green energy. The sector, which is a significant income source, is going to create jobs for its citizens.

Repsol plans to invest over €500 million in energy projects. Several measures are underway for the smooth implementation of the plans.

Several other projects are underway by Repsol. An example is the floating offshore wind farm in the Iberian Peninsula. The installation of such renewable energy projects is a glimpse of the future of renewables in the country. Many of these installations are going to be landmarks for Spain. These projects are a huge milestone for the Peninsula.

A summary of the projects is a potential capacity of above 2GW of power. Harnessing this power for household and industrial use is going to outdo the current power problems. More manufacturing industries are going to come up and therefore raise the GDP of Spain. Since this energy is sustainable, resources are under maximum utility.

Finally, other countries can copy the idea of Repsol and help solve pollution challenges. For instance, the industries in these countries, which are a significant power consumer, are going to reduce their effluents. Repsol solar farm is going to idealize the shift to renewable energy. Renewables are proving their efficiency in the fight against environmental pollution. 


Oil Industry Forced to Restructure Towards Renewables

If you aren’t in the know, the coronavirus is the latest and deadliest of pandemics in recent history. Not to rank but the virus’ outcomes come short of its predecessor the Spanish Flu pandemic that laid waste in the in 1918. 

However, COVID-19 comes as it’s own package with a record 2,667,682 confirmed cases and 186,266 recorded deaths. The coronavirus has earned its novelty place among the most deadly viruses in this century. 

Yet the virus comes with a vendetta of effects. These range from societal, to economic across several industries. Among social effects are reduced social interaction and minimized traveling. Consumption is also affected as customers who frequent shops from time to time are forced to sit at home while practicing social distancing. Experts looking into the matter annotate a possibility where citizen’s economic needs will outweigh their need for safety. While this outcome is a likely effect of the virus, a more prominent expectation is the changes companies will need to make to cope with such extreme shifts. 

The companies expected to have taken a significant blow from the pandemic come from the oil industry. To curb the spread of the virus, the government issued a directive to minimize all non-essential commutes. In as much as the move is beneficial, it’s adverse effects affect a broader network that includes up to 6billuon people worldwide. 

With this new directive in place, consumers are encouraged to outsource activities while remaining in isolation. The effect has also affected businesses to look for innovative ways to make ends meet. 

Among the companies taking a roll with this is oil company BP PLC. BP will have to shift it’s spending into non-fossil fuel innovation. This point has been BP’s most extended shelved project. However, in the recent outcome following the pandemic, the scene is changing. BP is investing in its research and development for renewable sources of energy. 

Yet the shift not only affects BP but the oil industry as a whole. Oil firms are moving to renewables following the pinch of the virus. Shell has plans to implement a similar strategy. While announcing on 16th April, Shell’s CEO Ben Van Beurder hinted on such a possibility. Van Beurder, however, stressed the common tricky situation ahead. He further advised investors in the industry to brace for harder times. Nevertheless, he emphasized on the need for viewing this shift as the necessary nudge towards the future. 


‘Dust devils’ might be twirling on the Saturn’s biggest moon

In a new study, the reports show that there could be “dust devils,” which could be swirling on the Saturn’s moon Titan, making it hard to see through the Titan’s surface. These dry whirlwinds could be the critical movers of dust on the distant world. According to Brian Jackson, a planetary scientist at Boise State University said that Titan could be more Mars-like than thought before.

Jackson said, “The Mars atmosphere is very dusty, and dust has a vital role in climate,” he said. “Dust devils are most likely to be the most significant techniques for lofting the dust.” The Titans atmosphere is one and a half times our planet’s air density, and it does not host such big, gusty winds. The scientists feel that the moon might have dust devils, just as it is the case of Earth and Mars. 

“If at all the dust devils exist, they are the major dust transport mechanisms on Titan if not the huge storm rolling through,” Jackson said. 

On the studies conducted before, they have confirmed that dust is there, which compose of organic material that is blowing across the Titan’s surface. Upon the application of their models, the research team comes up with a conclusion that the conditions on the Titan’s surface might be conducive to dust devils. This depicts how winds disperse various materials on the world as well as its atmosphere. 

The researchers also show that “when we want to show the numbers for how much dust the dust devils are likely to lift based on wind speeds, they ought to take up more dust beyond our expectations,” Jackson said. “This means that there could be other techniques which may be helping them pull this dust,” he added. 

However, the research does not clear the doubt if it’s true or not; there are dust devils on Titan. It just indicates that the conditions on the Titan’s surface are likely to support them. Soon, we will have data from NASA’s Dragonfly mission, which could clear the air and confirm whether or not these dust devils do swirl around the moon. 

According to the researchers who were conducting these studies, they said that if the dust devils really exist, they are unlikely to pose any danger to NASA’s Dragonfly Mission even if it encounters them. The dragonfly is planned to launch in 2026 and land on Titan’s surface in 2034. 


Electric Cars Are Way better than Conventional or Petrol Cars

Critics and minions are arguing that the carbon emissions resulting from the whole process of manufacturing an electric vehicle and its source of power, that is, electricity, are higher than that of a petrol or gasoline car. They say that it is imperatively advantageous to manufacture a petrol car than it would be for an electric vehicle.

The fossil fuel companies are backing up these allegations. It is unfathomable to get to such a point that you believe this lie. Think of it this way, just because electricity generating companies are consuming our products (fossil fuels) to generate electricity, then it is environmentally unfriendly.

To clarify the lies put forward by these folks, scientific inquiries are being made to show that it is safer and cleaner to manufacture and use electric vehicles than it is for fossil fuel cars. A report in the journal Nature Sustainability clarifies the rumors that had been spread about electric vehicles. 

The shift from conventional cars and household heating features to electric vehicles and household appliances suggests reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The only challenge is that the electricity needed for migration is generated from fossil fuels. Therefore alternative sources for electricity production that are renewable and environmentally friendly are being sought.

Study in 53 world regions shows that carbon emissions are going down when electric cars and heat pumps are in use compared to their counterparts like petrol cars. It is also right to note that even if the power sector decarbonization does not go through, there will be a subsequent drop in the greenhouse gases emitted should these regions adopt the former technologies fully.

Dr. Florian Knobloch, who is the lead author from the University of Nijmegen, says that the thought that electric vehicles will raise carbon emissions is a myth. He says that they are researching the replacement of current fossil fuel-intensive equipment with electronic alternatives, and it continues to go without a doubt that they are better in all ways in conserving the environment.

The study by Dr. Florian,  indicates that 70 percent of the emissions by conventional cars will be reduced should electric cars and household heat pumps are put into use in countries like Sweden and France who their primary sources of power are renewables and nuclear. For countries that use fossil fuels to generate electricity, the emissions will reduce by 30 percent.

In conclusion, the only valid reason that electric cars create more emissions in areas where there is a single source of electricity, and that is fossil fuel power plants. 


Volkswagen Online Brief Show tails Plans

Multi-billion-dollar automotive maker Volkswagen seems to be on a good roll. This statement comes after a recent post on the automotive company website declaring its presence in the market. While much of it is geared toward establishing the brand as a formidable opponent to its counterparts, there are things to be considered. 

Among the posts was a response to a concern about whether the company will be able to support the necessary software update needed for their ID3. 

Volkswagens supply in the year 2020 surpassed the previous year, and the company realized a higher level of gross revenue addition. However, the revenue increase was not universal in all markets. Volkswagen sales slumped in North America and the Asia Pacific, while its most significant growth came from Europe and South America. However, despite the slightly downward misstep, Volkswagen came to register an increase in market share 

To decrease its carbon footprint on the environment, the company initiated its sustainability council. The council visited the Zwickau factory recently to take a look at the production process of the ID. 3. The factory features one assembly line that the company plans to expand and accommodate electric vehicle manufacture 

Among one of the mandates presented by the council include ensuring that the power used in the making of the electric cars is entirely renewable. It hopes to project a total production of 75 fully electric vehicles and 65 hybrid vehicles 

According to the council spokesperson Zwickau, the council’s actions have been so far effective. Looking back at the last ten years, the company has more than reduced it’s carbon emissions. The current carbon emission levels stand at half the total at the start of the decade 

Despite the quite impressive reduction in emissions, the company opts to take it lower by integrating composite manufacturing systems that aim to reduce emissions from transporting parts from external sites 

Volkswagen, as a company, also plans to incorporate many climate saving techniques in its compound. These methods include a project to plant trees around the factory in Zwickau. In the spirit of sustainability, the company hopes to engrave the tree planting culture in the minds of its employees. Environmental conservation is at the topmost of Volkswagen culture 

The company is bent on displaying it will not be left behind on. The move to a sustainable future. It is with this hope that more companies will emulate Volkswagen’s dedication to conserving the environment. 


An astronaut from NASA salutes health professional fighting coronavirus

The workers in healthcare are currently battling with COVID-19 diseases, which came out during the national doctors’ days. Drew Morgan who is a NASA astronaut and the medical doctor who is among the people on board on ISS (International Space Station). According to his tweet on 30th march to the courageous doctors, medical technicians, and nurses include persons who are in the front line in the fight against the dangerous coronavirus and the other related diseases caused by COVID-19.  

Morgan tweets on 30th march stated that He is a medical who is looking back to the Earth we live and thinks on the condition of the health of the professionals in the health system, including the volunteers who are risking their lives on the pandemic. He finished by congratulating the medics from the space station.  The communication accompanied a photo of him with a stethoscope floating on cupola station, and the back was the background of Earth.

The people who are in the highest risk of having an infection of COVID-19 are the health workers because they handle the patients—using the example of Spain where 14 percent of the total infected people with the pandemic is the professional in the medical field, according to the New York Times. In New York, the workforce in healthcare is the one affected with covid-19 making the sector hit strongly by the virus outbreak. On the doctors in the New York City major hospital, explain the virus as petri-dish. IN the same hospital, more than 200 were patients of COVID-19 diseases according to the information in a story today written by Times Michael.

According to today’s data, more than one million people have coronavirus cases in the whole globe, and more than 50, 000 have scammed to covid-19 diseases, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University website.

The other two people who are on board the spacecraft with Morgan are his colleagues at NASA, namely Cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka, who currently commands the Expedition 62 and astronaut Jessica Meir. Astronaut Chris Cassidy for NASA and cosmonaut Anatoly Inanishin with Vagner Ivan for NASA will join them soon for the launching of the orbiting lab using Soyuz spacecraft that is owned by Russia on the 9th of April. 

The celebration of the National Doctors Day in the U.S is every year since it came into law 1933 in Georgia, according to the information on the website about doctors day